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Law-4-Docs Introduction
Law-4-Docs Introduction
Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Law-4-Docs Introduction

A Denver-based Anesthesiologist's Experience
Denver Anesthesiologist Sherry Gorman, M.D., a former malpractice defendant, candidly shares her harrowing experience.
Module 1 Sherry Gorman, M.D.
Unit 1 Denver Anesthesiologist Sherry Gorman, M.D. Introduces her Malpractice Nightmare
Unit 2 The Horror of a Malpractice Lawsuit Deposition

Benefits of On-line Counseling
Benefits of On-line Counseling
Module 1 Benefits of On-line Counseling
Unit 1 Benefits of On-line Counseling



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Defensive Medicine
This video covers general defensive medicine practices and explains why it is an ineffective shield against a lawsuit.
Module 1 Defensive Medicine
Unit 1 Defensive Medicine

Offensive Medicine
Learn a more proactive approach to protecting yourself against liability.
Module 1 Offensive Medicine
Unit 1 Offensive Medicine

The Malpractice Claims Process
Critical information is presented on the legal process in an easy-to-understand format. We address what triggers a lawsuit, how merits of a case are determined and the lawsuit serving process. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls.
Module 1 The Malpractice Claims Process
Unit 1 Malpractice Claim Process

You’re Sued, Now What?
We guide you through the initiation of a lawsuit, how to cope with the stress of being served and offer vital recommendations on avoiding mistakes in the early stages of a malpractice claim.
Module 1 You're Sued, Now What?
Unit 1 You're Sued, Now What?

Deposition Tips
Learn life-saving tips on how to give effective depositions. A deposition can be the difference between winning and losing a case. This video also covers lawyer “trick” questions and how not to fall prey.
Module 1 Deposition Tips
Unit 1 Deposition Tips

To Settle or Not to Settle?
Learn how to make effective decisions that will protect your career. Understand some basic steps you can take to protect yourself and create a better relationship with your insurance provider.
Module 1 To Settle or Not to Settle?
Unit 1 To Settle or Not Settle

Trial Tips for Doctors
A guide to understanding the legal “game” of trial. Find out how to stack the odds in your favor.
Module 1 Trial Tips for Doctors
Unit 1 Trial Tips for Doctors

10 Secrets Lawyers Don’t Want You To Know
Insights that will give you a clear advantage in a lawsuit and empower you as a defendant.
Module 1 10 Secrets Lawyers Don’t Want You To Know
Unit 1 10 Secrets Lawyers Don't Want You To Know

Lawsuit Consequences
An honest and insightful discussion about the emotional, professional and financial consequences of a lawsuit. Learn how to recover and make the most of a negative judgment.
Module 1 Lawsuit Consequences
Unit 1 Lawsuit Consequences

5 Tips: EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
In the age of EMRs, learn critical tips that will reduce your liability risk.
Module 1 5 Tips: EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
Unit 1 5 Tips: EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

Informed Consent
Learn the value and limitations of informed consent that will safe-guard you against liability.
Module 1 Tips to informed consent
Unit 1 Tips to informed consent

Pain Medication and Liability
In in-depth review of a legal case and lessons we need to learn as we deal with a national crisis in opioid abuse/misuse.
Module 1 Pain Medication and Liability
Unit 1 Pain Medication and Liability